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Windows Server and Network Environment Setup - Virtual Private Network (VPN) Specialist available 24/7. Speak with a Pro about your Network Environment. Customized I.T. Support for your Business. Annual and semi annual Support packages available..Call  606-679-4029...

Medical I.T. Envirionment Support- Tool-kit Support

Call us and we can evaluate your Pracice software to determine if Meaningful use Stage 1 and 2 reporting is achievable with your existing Software Platform. Tool-Kit Support - Call  606-679-4029

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Remote support packages. We can Remove Viruses and troubleshoot any issue, so you can get back to work.   606-679-4029.....

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Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 8 was a major misstep for Microsoft. Instead of giving people an improved version of the familiar desktop interface they’d been using for 20 years, Microsoft went with a new touch-friendly tile-based Start screen.

The change was so drastic that it ended up scaring off consumers and enterprise users alike.

But a new Windows is on the horizon, in the form of Windows 10. And though the new OS will be used on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, it won’t look the same on every platform. On PCs, the interface will harken back to the familiar desktop style of Windows 7, with some added spice from Windows 8.

The outlook
Windows 8 has been a headache for Microsoft, but Windows 10 is well on its way to righting its predecessor’s wrongs. Still, there’s a long way to go before this operating system is finished. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what Windows 10 has to offer. But from what little we’ve seen, Microsoft is on the right track.

Internet Explorer

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Microsoft has announced they will end development of future versions of Internet Explorer Browser. What? Yes, after being targeted by every Hacker, they are now working on a new Browser for Windows 10. Cant wait to see what that is. We will keep you up to Date!

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